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NSO Clinic

Do you want to up your game as an NSO? Do you have ambitions to be a HNSO? Are you nervous about taking on high pressure officials roles such as jam timing and penalty box tracking? Well, this course is for you.

This one day course with experienced NSO Cupid Stunt will focus mainly on Game Day.

You’ll look at how to prepare for a game. What do you need to know, planning your day/trip and for anyone with ambitions to be a HNSO we will look to demystify this role and share methods to make it an easier and more relaxed task than many people would expect.

We will then focus on the fear roles, and provide hints and tips to help people feel confident in the jam timing, penalty tracking, penalty Box managing and scoreboard operator roles.

We will also cover some ideas on improving communication between officials to make sure that everyone is involved and following several recent discussions on Facebook, we will look at ways you effectively deliver feedback to foster an environment of continuous improvement for officials.

At the end of the day you’ll get a chance to  put your new skills into practice by NSOing a scrim.

The NSO clinic will take place on Sunday 28th May at UEA Sportspark in Norwich from 9am to 6pm.


Your Coach: Cupid Stunt


Cupid first donned the grey in 2013 and committed to it full time in early 2014. A little known fact is that his original plan was to be a skating official, however lingering injuries coupled with a fall and a car crash soon put paid to these plans and the Non-Skating life become the one.

A member and former Head NSO of Nottingham Roller Derby, and two time Divisional Head NSO for British Championships, Cupid is an MRDA Recognised Official and an Independent UKRDA Official member.

Cupid has officiated over 200 open games so far, ranging from cherry poppers and short format tournaments all the way to the Mens Roller Derby World Cup Final in 2016.

Normally operating on game days as either a Jam Timer or Penalty Box Manager, Cupid feels the most important thing about game day is to spread calm and appear confident.

All Roads Lead to Norfolk

2 Day Roller Derby Bootcamp with Smarty Pants of Texas & Team USA + More!

Norfolk Roller Derby are excited to announce a 2 day skater and officials bootcamp over late May Bank Holiday Weekend 2017!

The weekend will include up to 12 hours of coaching by the awesome Smarty Pants of Texas and Team USA and Master Blaster of LRG.

As well as 12 hours on-skates coaching from top level skaters there will be off-skates fitness classes, sports psychology sessions, bench coaching classes, a one day Ref and NSO clinic, plus a mega scrim so all skaters, coaches and trainee officials can put their skills into practise at the end of the weekend.

The Ref clinic will be coached by “Stickler” Hudson, and all refs will need to be min skills passed.  CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS ON THE REF CLINIC

The NSO Clinic will be coached by Cupid Stunt. CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS ON THE NSO CLINIC

After hours you can also enjoy a pub quiz and karoke, all in one Roller Derby packed weekend

The Bootcamp will take place on the 27th and 28th May at the state of the art UEA Sportspark venue in Norwich, on-site accomodation will also be available.


Tickets are available now!


The Coaches

Meet Smarty Pants

Nadia Kean, aka Smarty Pants lives and plays roller derby in Austin, Texas for Texas and USA Roller Derby.

Smarty started skating bank track roller derby in 2003 for TXRD Lonestar Rollergirls in Austin, Texas. In 2011 she made the switch to flat track when she joined Texas. ​ Some of her proudest moments on the track include taking 2nd place at the WFTDA Championship with her team Texas against Gotham and taking Gold at the 2015 World Championship with USA against England.

Smarty is equally successful off the track as a derby coach and consultant. She is currently gearing up for the Camp Elite 2017. She runs clinics with teammate Jackie Daniels. She is part of the regular annual coaching schedule for many Division 1 teams and clinics across the globe such as Rollercon, Derbyfest in Australia, Northeast Derby Con in the USA and Euro Derby Con in Europe. Smarty is adored for her passion for roller derby and her natural ability to teach others the concepts of our sport. ​ Smarty has been teaching and coaching athletes for over fifteen years. She believes that most athletes have untapped potential in the sport that they play, but sometimes it goes unrealized due to certain elements, including the athlete’s experience with their coach or on their team. ​ Smarty especially enjoys helping coaches unlock their inner teacher so that they can help the athletes that they work with realize their potential.

Smarty is currently finishing a book on coaching, which is expected to be published in the Spring of 2017 (fingers crossed! Books take a long time to write!)”


Meet Master Blaster

With going on 9 years of roller derby training experience, Master Blaster has played for two Division 2 cycles with Bear City Roller Derby, the 2014 World Cup Tournament in Dallas with Team Germany and the 2016 season with London Roller Girls, London Brawling.

She specialises in digging out the root of what makes a technique or strategy effective and emphasises building on basics, to really internalize and understand high level play. This also means adjusting drills to your body type and skating style. Learn new skills and (more importantly) new approaches to playing the game with individual solutions for each skater.


Meet Stickler

Coaching our ref session for the weekend will be “Stickler” Hudson.

He started his roller derby career in 2011. In that time he has been a ref for Steel City Roller Derby, as well as an independent WFTDA ref for many teams in Pennsylvania and Ohio. In 2012, he was one of the original members of the Pittsburgh Derby Brats were he was a senior skating official, senior coach and president of the league. In 2014, he was a founding member of the Pittsburgh Blue Streaks Men’s Roller Derby. Over his five year career he has been an active committee member developing and growing junior roller derby in the United States, is the JRDA representative in Europe; and created the first skating officials clinics for junior roller derby.

He is now an independent skating official in the UK. Stickler’s philosophy is that officials are facilitators of a game’s success, that every zebra is equal on the track, and that every call needs to be made with equal parts expertise, experience and humility.



Tickets on Sale Now!

On August 20th Norfolk Roller Derby return to the UEA Sportspark with an awesome double header.
Our Womens team the Black Shucks will take on Hulls Angels Roller Dames and our Mens team the East Anglo Smacksons square up to the Brawls of Steel!

We’ll also have all the regular entertainments that make it such a great day out! Ice cream, a full bar, vendor stalls and our fabulous raffle!
Advance tickets for the double header are just £7. Children under 12 get in free accompanied by an adult.

If you’ve ever fancied giving Roller Derby a go then you can also find out more about our next training course, starting in the Autumn.

Come along, shout, cheer and support your local Roller Derby team!

[button link=”https://ueatickets.ticketabc.com/events/norfolk-roller-der-3/” size=”large” color=”black” text=”light”]Click here for tickets![/button]

PowerPoint Presentation

The Debutante’s Brawl

We’ve got exciting news!

On Saturday 7th May our latest crop of Fresh Meat graduates will be making their debut at Epic Studios in the Debutante’s Brawl!

Debutantes Brawl


Epic Studios, Magadalen Street, Norwich


Saturday 7th May, Doors open 1:30pm, First whistle 2:30pm.


2 games of Roller Derby for £5 in advance or £7.50 on the door.

First up are the Womens teams Pain in the Eyres v Austentatious, followed by a rookie co-ed game,  Wuthering Fights v Arsey Darcys.

There’s a full bar, and come back for the after party that evening and you’ll get the added bonus of the legendary Grandmaster Flash, all as part of your ticket price!


[button link=”https://ueatickets.ticketabc.com/events/norfolk-roller-der-2/” size=”large” color=”blue” text=”light”]BOOK YOUR TICKETS NOW![/button]

The Beasts in the East

Coming up fast is our first big competitive home game of the season held at UEA Sportspark

[box size=”large”]The Beasts in the East[/box]

Our Co-Ed team Mustard City Rollers will take on Portsmouth Scurvy Wenches and our B team the Black Shucks will take on Preston Roller Girls B Team.

Super Fan or Sports Fan season ticket holders will have this game included in their ticket price, plus this is the first opportunity to pick out your free t-shirt from our new merch designs! For the rest of you the price is £7 in advance, from your favourite skater, or via the UEA website, or £10 on the door.

If you buy a ticket and decide you want to upgrade to a season ticket (and why wouldn’t you, for half price PLUS a free tshirt) then you’ll get your ticket money refunded.

Beasts of the East

We’ll have all our usual goodies, a well stocked bar including our own ale Bonnies Gold, face painting and a merch area with stalls including Ronaldos ice cream (yum!), cult beauty brand Younique, Ella Goodwin designs with a range of prints and jewellery and Denise Roberts Designs with her range of cards for every occasion as well as the obligatory Roller Derby merchandise!

We can’t wait to see you there!

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The All New Norfolk Roller Derby

Way back in 2010 a group of women got together and started to learn to play a little known sport called Roller Derby. They called themselves The Norfolk Brawds.

In the past 6 years both the sport of Roller Derby and The Norfolk Brawds have transformed and grown. With 2 Womens teams, a Men’s team, a Co-Ed team, 2 Intraleague teams and a growing Rec League The Norfolk Brawds just didn’t represent who we were anymore.

So, in 2016, it’s time to meet the all new Norfolk Roller Derby!

IMG_4230 (1)

The new name is more inclusive to all our teams and represents who we are as a league. As well as a fresh new look and logo for the league, all our teams have now had a bit of a make over too courtesy of Skippy the Angeroo.

Our Women’s A team is now The Norfolk Brawds, and our B team are The Black Shucks.

Our Men’s Team the East Anglo Smacksons has a new look logo, and our Co-Ed team The Mustard City Rollers will be back this season to play competitively.

We also have our Intraleague teams the Yare Yare Yares and the Ouse Your Daddies with logos by Teki Bomb and our Rec League Ship Rec’d

Our 2016 Home Season starts with an Intraleague Sur5al on 26th March, and season tickets are available that will give you huge discounts on our entry price and other benefits.

Check out our season here and Norfolk Roller Derby hope to see you on the benches this season!

Season Tickets and the 2016 Home Season

Today, as our season draws to a close with this Saturdays Intraleague Christmas Cup, we’re already starting to look forward to next season!


We’ve had a great season this year, seen our A team promoted to Tier 3 of the British Championships and our Womens B Team and Mens Team become ready to start playing, as well as introducing our new Co-Ed team, so next season is going to be a really exciting one!

Next year we have a huge 8 games at home, and for the first time we’re able to sell Season tickets so our biggest fans can get a discount off their entry price, plus some additional benefits!

You can buy season tickets through the UEA website, or at our merch stall at games, and there’s still time now to get one for Christmas!

These are the packages available!

The Super Fan Season Ticket £30

This ticket gets you access to all 8 home games, plus a t-shirt and sticker that you can collect from our merch stand. Your T-Shirt will also get you 10% off your meal if you wear it to our Sponsors Zaks American Diners.

The Sports Fan Season Ticket £20

All our competitive games this year will be at UEA Sports Park, and this ticket will get you access to all 4 of those games, plus a snap back cap you can collect from our merch stall.

The Epic Party Package Season Ticket £15

Epic Studios is where we host some of our more fun and less serious games, and also where afterwards we host our legendary after parties. This ticket will get you access to all 4 of those games, and the after parties.


In case you were wondering, here’s how our season is shaping up next year!

March 26: Epic
We’re starting the year with a fun one as we play a game of Intraleague Co-ed Sur5al. Teams of 5 made up of skaters from Norfolk Roller Derby will fight it out in 2 minute jams to see who is Top Dog

April 16: UEA
The seasons first competitive game will be a double header, where our Co-Ed team Mustard City Rollers and our B team the Black Shucks will both face competitors.

May 7: Epic
Once our skaters pass their Minimum Skills, they need to get out and start playing. These games are often called Cherry Poppers, and they’re the first time people have played in front of an audience. They’re fun events for skaters and for the audience, and in May we’ll be hosting 2 Cherry Poppers, one for Women skaters, and one for Men.

Jun 25: UEA
This our home hosted game of the British Championships and will see our A Team the Norfolk Brawds playing in a Tier 3 Double Header

Aug 20: UEA
Back at UEA it’s time for the Black Shucks and the East Anglo Smacksons to host a double header.

Sept 17: UEA
Our last competitive home game of the season will be another double header, this time the East Anglo Smacksons and the Norfolk Brawds will be playing.

Oct 29: Epic
At the end of October we’re planning a Co-Ed Mustard City Rollers Double Header, and a Halloween Party afterwards.

Dec 17: Epic
As is now traditional, 2016 will end with our Intraleague Christmas Cup double header and Christmas Party.

[button link=”https://ueatickets.ticketabc.com/events/norfolk-roller-derby/” color=”primary” text=”light”]Buy Your Season Ticket Now![/button]



Norfolk Brawds Autumn Home Schedule

2015 is the Norfolk Brawds Fifth Anniversary and the year has been packed with excitement.

We started our home season with Eastern Sur5al to celebrate our Fifth Birthday, and now we’re seeing it out with a whole month of awesome Roller Derby action!

On Saturday 22nd August we’re hosting a very special game at UEA Sportspark.

Jurassic Pack sees the public debut of our first fully bouting B-Team, the Jolly Dodgers, as well as the first time our brother team the East Anglo Smacksons have fielded a full line up. They will be taking on the Grim Reavers and the Brothers Grim from Grimsby.

Not only is this is a huge step forward for our growing league, but it will also be an amazing Dino themed day of Derby goodness with shopping opportunities, a bar with our very own Bonny’s Gold real ale and activities to keep the children entertained between games.


Tickets are available here for £7 or £10 on the door.

On the 19th September we’ll be back at UEA with another double header as our Womens A & B Teams will both be taking the track to take on Nottingham Roller Derbys A & B Teams.

Tickets will be on sale soon, but if you come along to our August game you’ll be able to pick up discounted tickets for September while you’re there making it even more of a bargain!

As if that wasn’t enough, if you’re desperate for some more Roller Derby action, on the 5th September the Brawds Intraleague teams the Ouse Your Daddies and the Yare Yare Yares will be back in a fight to the death (ok, not really) to prove who is the best there is. 5th September will also see the debut of our Co-Ed Team the Mustard City Rollers who’ll be taking on Suffolk Roller Derby in their first public game. Watch this space for more details!

So, some dates for your diary.

22nd August – Jurassic Pack – UEA Sportspark – £7 in advance, £10 on the door.

Facebook Event

5th September – Intraleague & Co-Ed Game – Epic Studios – £5

Facebook Event

19th September – All Stars & Jolly Dodgers Double Header – UEA Sportspark – £5 at August game, £7 in advance, £10 on the door.

Facebook Event

British Champs: Brawds vs Killa Hurtz

It had been almost eight months since the Norfolk Brawds’ last competitive league match and in that time the hugely successful Heartlands Series transformed into the British Championships: A four tier league competition spanning the length and breadth of the United Kingdom. As such, the game took on huge historical significance for the Brawds, as their first ever British Champs bout.

Killa Hurtz Roller Girls travelled up from Chelmsford riding the wave of a convincing victory over the Bourne Bombshells back in May and it was clear from the outset that they meant business.

Benched by injured skater Dinah Mighty and East Anglo Smackson Alfred Hitchblock as Line Up Manager, the Brawds started well with team Captain Philthy Delphia picking up lead jammer status in the first jam. In the early stages the Brawds began to inch ahead thanks to solid defensive work from the likes of Short Circuit, Kelly KaPOWski, NoTorious, Yours Truly, Slamming Siren and SinSarahty. However, Killa Hurtz remained in hot pursuit, with solid defensive work from the likes of Mother Mercy and Clark Smash preventing the Brawds from establishing any kind of dominance.

As the half continued it was clear that this was going to be a game defined by small margins. The crowd could sense it and the volume on the bleachers slowly began to rise; the staunch home support trying to lift their team in any way possible.
As the half time whistle drew closer the tide began to turn and a couple of power jams gave Killa Hurtz the opportunity to put a little distance between the two teams. It was an opportunity they seized and some excellent jamming from Snarley Quinn helped Killa Hurtz end the half with a forty point lead (49 – 89). As anyone who has watched a lot of Roller Derby knows, 40 points is certainly not an unassailable lead but, it was clear that the Brawds were going to have to play the half of their lives to overturn the deficit.

The second half began in much the same way as the first with a series of close, hard fought jams with both packs limiting the success of the determined jammers. However, with fifteen or so minutes left on the clock the persistent, relentless attack of the Brawds’ jammer rotation Penny Slain, Zippy, Cruel Runnings, Philthy Delphia and league debutant Khilleesi, began to slowly claw back the differential point by point.

Buoyed by a now raucous home crowd the Brawds pushed on, narrowing the gap and sapping the strength from the determined Killa Hurtz defence. As the match entered what proved to be its climactic jam, the scores could not be closer and when the Brawds’ blockers drew a crucial cut track penalty from the Killa Hurtz jammer the home team were awarded a power jam. Seasoned blocker and pivot, Political Vagenda had only moments earlier been handed the jammer star. Digging deep, she donned the cap and set off round the track determined to pick up the critical points that would overturn Killa Hurtz’ long standing lead. With the crowd now all on their feet, Polly V was confronted with three desperate Hurtz blockers but, they could not stop her. The final few seconds ticked past and as the final whistle sounded an excruciating hush fell over the hall. Had the Brawds done enough to win their first ever British Championship game?
Finally, after what seemed like an eternity the score board was updated and to the delight of the crowd the final score read 144 to 138. The Brawds had come out on top of one of the hardest most nail biting derby matches ever played out.


by Mr Slain

The End of a Season, and the Beginning of a New One!

The Norfolk Brawds are gearing up for the start of a new season, keep an eye on our fixtures page for details of our upcoming games as they are scheduled!

But as we start the new season, it’s time for a little look back at the end of the last one.

We finished the year with our AGM, followed by our first ever Intraleague match. Our new role holders for 2015 were announced and you can find their contact details on our contact page if you need to get in touch.


There were some new additions for 2015, most notably the addition of coaches, captains and a bout co-ordinator for our newly formed B Team who will be up and bouting in 2015. If you’d like to play our B Team then get in touch with Becka Blocker Gorey to discuss it!

We also like to dish out some team awards at this time of year and our All Stars and Smacksons had been busy voting on their team mates for the 2014 season to dish out beautiful rosettes for the following awards!

All Stars Smacksons
Most Dedicated Philthy Delphia/NoTorious* Alfred Hitchblock
Most Inspiring Political Vagenda Johnny Crash
Most Underated Bad kitty Cupcake
Most Improved Political Vagenda Skippy The Angeroo
Most Feared Short Circuit The Flash
Most Versatile Cruel Runnings Block N Roll
Rookie of The Year Khilleesi Skippy The Angeroo
Best Pack Communicator Yours Truly The Flash
Best Blocker Short Circuit CupCake/Block N Roll*
Best jammer Penny Slain Ben Jamin
MVP Cruel Runnings/Philthy* Cupcake
Team Spirit Penny Slain/Applebite* Alfred Hitchblock/Johnny Crash*


Each year the BOD also decide on a special recognition award given to someone who’s made an outstanding contribution, it’s in the form of a ships wheel with a plaque, and the winner keeps it to grace their humble abode for a whole year.


Last years winner was Wild Honey, and this year she was in the running again!

This years nominees were:
Sugar Shark for huge efforts in the enormous coaching coordinator role
Gem Warfare for outstanding efforts in marketing officer role including revamping our website
Mallory Knocks for being super amazing & committed Head NSO who has it all under control
Wild Honey for commitment to NSOing, repping the Brawds far and wide in person and by blogging at Diary of a Roller Derby Rookie

This years final winner was Gem Warfare, who continues as our Marketing Officer into 2015.

Once the awards were dished out and the buffet devoured it was time to start welcoming the public in for our first ever Intraleague bout between the Ouse Your Daddies and the Yare Yare Yares.

It was an exciting game, but the Ouse Your Daddies were the eventual proud winners of the Norfolk Brawds Christmas Cup!

We’re already looking forward to next years rematch!


2014 was an exciting year full of change and growth for the Norfolk Brawds, and we can’t wait to see what 2015 brings us!

See you all in 2015!