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Learn Roller Derby with Sportivate

If you’ve been to our bouts and thought “I really want to do that” then you should come along to one of our brand new six week beginners courses supported by Active Norfolk!


Sportivate & SE-Lottery Landscape

The fact is that Roller Derby is a sport that attracts people from all different backgrounds and all different levels of ability. You don’t need to be super fit, or a whizz on wheels already to come along and start learning the basics of the game. We can lend you all the kit you need to start with and get you through the course! Anyone over the age of 18 can come along, and there’s no entry test!

All our Level 1 sessions are held on Monday nights from 7pm at Funkys on Spar Road, off Vulcan Road in Norwich. The next Sportivate course starts on the 2nd June, pop an email to level1@norfolkrollerderby.co.uk to register and get more information, or use the contact form at the bottom of this page.

If you’re keen to get started, or want to build up your confidence a bit on wheels, then you can come along any Monday night wearing comfortable clothes and just pay £5 to join in the free skate area at the end of the track!

Start dates for Sportivate courses are as follows:

5th January 2015

2nd March 2015

Course fees for the six weeks are £20 payable in advance (on the start dates), revision and assessment sessions are £5 each  Places are limited – so register now!

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Heartlands Series Bout Day 2: Norfolk Brawds vs Big Bucks High Rollers

Written by: Political Vagenda

The Norfolk Brawds have lost their second bout of the Heartland Series against Buckinghamshire’s Big Bucks High Rollers, 46-213. The point differential echoes the Brawds’ first bout of the series in February against Bedfordshire Rollergirls, which saw the Brawds rocket into first place of the league tables with a resounding 234-111 victory. Sunday’s game sees the Brawds now in third place of the Heartland East table.

Photo by MDP Images

Photo by MDP Images

The Big Bucks jammers found strong opponents in the combination of Brawds Slammin’ Siren and Kelly KaPOWski, who worked well as a pair to wear down the Big Bucks’ powerhouses. A spate of high quality positional blocking from Grimbolina coupled with multiple big hits from Short Circuit and Cruel Runnings gave Brawds jammers Philthy Delphia, Yours Truly, and Colletteral Damage time to put points on the board. Ultimately however, the Brawds were unable to close the gap in points before the final whistle.

Afterwards, Brawd NoTorious was awarded Best Blocker, Philthy Delphia named Best Jammer, and Teki Bomb acknowledged as Most Valuable Player.

Keep an eye on our fixtures for our next Heartland Series Bout!

The Norfolk Brawds do Urban Decay

Last weekend the Norfolk Brawds were invited by the Urban Decay counter at House of Fraser to come down and enjoy personalised makeovers based on our skate names.
An unusual way to spend Mothers Day, but pretty good fun nonetheless!

IMG_9607 IMG_9608

In return all we had to do was hang around on skates for a few hours handing out flyers for Sur5al and persuading people to go along to a free make up class for the launch of the new super bright electric palette.

Make overs included mermaid like greens and turquoises for Slammin’ Siren and some pretty amazing leopard print for Jenny Wreck, possibly based more on her earrings than her skate name, but who’s checking?



Sur5al is roller derby at it’s rawest! Ten Teams; Five Skaters; Only One Sur5or! It’s like a whole Roller Derby Tournament in one afternoon!

Teams Particiapting:
Red, White and Bruise Rollers
Suffolk Roller Derby
Romsey Town Rollerbillies
Croydon Roller Derby
London Rockin’ Rollers
Dolly Rockit Rollers
HellsBelles RollerGirls – Hertfordshire Roller Derby
Rebellion Roller Derby
Killa Hurtz Roller Girls
The Norfolk Brawds

TICKETS ON SALE NOW: http://www.ueaticketbookings.co.uk/events/norfolk-brawds-roller-derby-presents–eastern-sur5al-–sports-park–12-04-14-.aspx

*Sur5al format and logo used with permission from Royal Windsor Rollergirls

Heartlands Series


The Heartland Series is Europe’s largest interleague Women’s Flat Track Roller Derby Tournament. Twenty four leagues from England and Wales will be divided into four regional divisions for double header bout days spanning the year, with a walloping two day playoff weekend in November to find who will be Heartland Champions for 2014!

You can follow our progress on the Heartlands Series website.

Our Scheduled bouts for 2014 are:

Saturday 22nd February  2014

Hell’s Belles v Big Bucks (211 – 223)
Norfolk Brawds v Bedforshire (231 – 111)

Sunday 6th April 2014

Norfolk Brawds v Big Bucks High Rollers (46-213)
Bourne Bombshells v Milton Keynes (59-265)
Bletchley Leisure Centre

Saturday 12th July 2014

Big Bucks v Bedfordshire (418-62)
Milton Keynes v Norfolk Brawds (272-52)
(Norfolk Brawds Hosting)

16th August

Norfolk Brawds v Bourne Bombshells (201 – 73)
Hells Belles v Bedfordshire (305 – 60)

1st November

Bedfordshire v Bourne Bombshells (107-202)
Norfolk Brawds v Hell’s Belles (212-143)
Big Bucks v Milton Keynes (150-147)
(Milton Keynes Hosting)

Heartlands Grand Finals

23rd Novmber
Newark Showground