Heartlands Series Bout Day 2: Norfolk Brawds vs Big Bucks High Rollers

Written by: Political Vagenda

The Norfolk Brawds have lost their second bout of the Heartland Series against Buckinghamshire’s Big Bucks High Rollers, 46-213. The point differential echoes the Brawds’ first bout of the series in February against Bedfordshire Rollergirls, which saw the Brawds rocket into first place of the league tables with a resounding 234-111 victory. Sunday’s game sees the Brawds now in third place of the Heartland East table.

Photo by MDP Images

Photo by MDP Images

The Big Bucks jammers found strong opponents in the combination of Brawds Slammin’ Siren and Kelly KaPOWski, who worked well as a pair to wear down the Big Bucks’ powerhouses. A spate of high quality positional blocking from Grimbolina coupled with multiple big hits from Short Circuit and Cruel Runnings gave Brawds jammers Philthy Delphia, Yours Truly, and Colletteral Damage time to put points on the board. Ultimately however, the Brawds were unable to close the gap in points before the final whistle.

Afterwards, Brawd NoTorious was awarded Best Blocker, Philthy Delphia named Best Jammer, and Teki Bomb acknowledged as Most Valuable Player.

Keep an eye on our fixtures for our next Heartland Series Bout!

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