NSO Clinic

Do you want to up your game as an NSO? Do you have ambitions to be a HNSO? Are you nervous about taking on high pressure officials roles such as jam timing and penalty box tracking? Well, this course is for you.

This one day course with experienced NSO Cupid Stunt will focus mainly on Game Day.

You’ll look at how to prepare for a game. What do you need to know, planning your day/trip and for anyone with ambitions to be a HNSO we will look to demystify this role and share methods to make it an easier and more relaxed task than many people would expect.

We will then focus on the fear roles, and provide hints and tips to help people feel confident in the jam timing, penalty tracking, penalty Box managing and scoreboard operator roles.

We will also cover some ideas on improving communication between officials to make sure that everyone is involved and following several recent discussions on Facebook, we will look at ways you effectively deliver feedback to foster an environment of continuous improvement for officials.

At the end of the day you’ll get a chance to  put your new skills into practice by NSOing a scrim.

The NSO clinic will take place on Sunday 28th May at UEA Sportspark in Norwich from 9am to 6pm.


Your Coach: Cupid Stunt


Cupid first donned the grey in 2013 and committed to it full time in early 2014. A little known fact is that his original plan was to be a skating official, however lingering injuries coupled with a fall and a car crash soon put paid to these plans and the Non-Skating life become the one.

A member and former Head NSO of Nottingham Roller Derby, and two time Divisional Head NSO for British Championships, Cupid is an MRDA Recognised Official and an Independent UKRDA Official member.

Cupid has officiated over 200 open games so far, ranging from cherry poppers and short format tournaments all the way to the Mens Roller Derby World Cup Final in 2016.

Normally operating on game days as either a Jam Timer or Penalty Box Manager, Cupid feels the most important thing about game day is to spread calm and appear confident.

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