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Norfolk Brawds promoted to Tier 2 in British Champs Playoffs

NRD’s Womens A Team are taking it easy this week after a huge weekend of glorious roller derby at British Champs T3 Womens Playoffs.

They fought in 3 games and racked up 2 wins and a promotion to Tier 2.

The Brawds would like to extend a massive THANK YOU to everyone who has supported them on their journey so far – this would never have been possible without all the hard work put in behind the scenes, and the lovely friends, family and supporters of the league!

Tier 2 we’re coming to get you!!


We did it! Playoffs, here we come!

Norfolk Roller Derby’s A Team, the Norfolk Brawds, faught like warriors in their final Champs game of the season against Surrey Roller Girls and brought home an incredible win of 473 – 65.

This means they have placed 2nd in British Champs Womens Tier 3 East and have secured their place at this year’s playoffs, which take place in Stoke-on-Trent on 15th-16th September. 

The Brawds will be training hard to prepare for playoffs over the next few weeks, and we can’t wait to watch them leave it all on the track this September. 

Go Brawds!!

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Norfolk brawds place 2nd in this year's Champs tournament

Norfolk Brawds place 2nd in British Champs Womens Tier 3 East

We did it! Thanks for voting for us in the Aviva Community Fund

This year we applied for a grant of £1000 from the Aviva Community Fund as a change in training venue meant that we were no longer able to provide loan skates for our new recruits.

The Sport in the Community category fit the bill perfectly, and thanks to the public vote we got through to the final rounds and have subsequently been granted funding.

For us at NRD this means a lot – not only because the support from our friends and fellow league members gives us the warm fuzzies, but also because we will now be able to offer our new recruits the chance to try tour beloved sport without the financial commitment of having to buy their own skates straight away.

And we think more people being able to access roller derby can only be a good thing.

Thanks for voting for us in the Aviva Community Fund