The Black Shucks take on Rebellion Uprising this in the Battle of the B’s!

Norfolk Roller Derby’s womens’ B Team are taking on Rebellion Roller Derby’s Uprising this weekend in Cambridge Rollerbillies’ Battle of the B’s sevens tournament. Also in the tournament are Rainy City’s Bet Lynch Mob, the Cambridge Rollerbillies Punt Rockers or Portsmouth Roller Wenches B team.

For those not yet in the know, a sevens tournament features teams of seven (surprise, surprise!) and each game takes place over a 21 minute period, with no time outs of official reviews. Sounds intense, right? Because there are only seven players in a team most players are on track for the full duration, meaning each player’s performance is vital to the success of the team. Penalties are carried over throughout the tournament, so fouling out is a definite no-no!

Want to catch some of the action? Tickets can be purchased here Find out more about this event on the Facebook event page.


Black Shucks, Rebellion Roller Derby, B Team

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