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2 Day Roller Derby Bootcamp with Smarty Pants of Texas & Team USA + More!

Norfolk Roller Derby are excited to announce a 2 day skater and officials bootcamp over late May Bank Holiday Weekend 2017!

The weekend will include up to 12 hours of coaching by the awesome Smarty Pants of Texas and Team USA and Master Blaster of LRG.

As well as 12 hours on-skates coaching from top level skaters there will be off-skates fitness classes, sports psychology sessions, bench coaching classes, a one day Ref and NSO clinic, plus a mega scrim so all skaters, coaches and trainee officials can put their skills into practise at the end of the weekend.

The Ref clinic will be coached by “Stickler” Hudson, and all refs will need to be min skills passed.  CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS ON THE REF CLINIC

The NSO Clinic will be coached by Cupid Stunt. CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS ON THE NSO CLINIC

After hours you can also enjoy a pub quiz and karoke, all in one Roller Derby packed weekend

The Bootcamp will take place on the 27th and 28th May at the state of the art UEA Sportspark venue in Norwich, on-site accomodation will also be available.


Tickets are available now!


The Coaches

Meet Smarty Pants

Nadia Kean, aka Smarty Pants lives and plays roller derby in Austin, Texas for Texas and USA Roller Derby.

Smarty started skating bank track roller derby in 2003 for TXRD Lonestar Rollergirls in Austin, Texas. In 2011 she made the switch to flat track when she joined Texas. ​ Some of her proudest moments on the track include taking 2nd place at the WFTDA Championship with her team Texas against Gotham and taking Gold at the 2015 World Championship with USA against England.

Smarty is equally successful off the track as a derby coach and consultant. She is currently gearing up for the Camp Elite 2017. She runs clinics with teammate Jackie Daniels. She is part of the regular annual coaching schedule for many Division 1 teams and clinics across the globe such as Rollercon, Derbyfest in Australia, Northeast Derby Con in the USA and Euro Derby Con in Europe. Smarty is adored for her passion for roller derby and her natural ability to teach others the concepts of our sport. ​ Smarty has been teaching and coaching athletes for over fifteen years. She believes that most athletes have untapped potential in the sport that they play, but sometimes it goes unrealized due to certain elements, including the athlete’s experience with their coach or on their team. ​ Smarty especially enjoys helping coaches unlock their inner teacher so that they can help the athletes that they work with realize their potential.

Smarty is currently finishing a book on coaching, which is expected to be published in the Spring of 2017 (fingers crossed! Books take a long time to write!)”


Meet Master Blaster

With going on 9 years of roller derby training experience, Master Blaster has played for two Division 2 cycles with Bear City Roller Derby, the 2014 World Cup Tournament in Dallas with Team Germany and the 2016 season with London Roller Girls, London Brawling.

She specialises in digging out the root of what makes a technique or strategy effective and emphasises building on basics, to really internalize and understand high level play. This also means adjusting drills to your body type and skating style. Learn new skills and (more importantly) new approaches to playing the game with individual solutions for each skater.


Meet Stickler

Coaching our ref session for the weekend will be “Stickler” Hudson.

He started his roller derby career in 2011. In that time he has been a ref for Steel City Roller Derby, as well as an independent WFTDA ref for many teams in Pennsylvania and Ohio. In 2012, he was one of the original members of the Pittsburgh Derby Brats were he was a senior skating official, senior coach and president of the league. In 2014, he was a founding member of the Pittsburgh Blue Streaks Men’s Roller Derby. Over his five year career he has been an active committee member developing and growing junior roller derby in the United States, is the JRDA representative in Europe; and created the first skating officials clinics for junior roller derby.

He is now an independent skating official in the UK. Stickler’s philosophy is that officials are facilitators of a game’s success, that every zebra is equal on the track, and that every call needs to be made with equal parts expertise, experience and humility.



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