Heartland Series Day 4 – 12th July 2014



Ready to Roll!

The Norfolk Brawds are the county’s first roller derby team, and were formed in 2010 with a handful of determined novice female skaters. They are hosting their second public home game of the year on July 12th at the UEA Sportspark. The games are part of the Heartland Series, Europes largest inter-league flat track Roller Derby Tournament.

Game Day 4 sees the Norfolk Brawds, at third in the South East Division, take on current leaders Milton Keynes and second place Big Bucks High Rollers play Bourne Bombshells.

Last year Norfolk Brawds placed third in their division in their debut year in the tournament, and are hoping to do even better in 2014.

The Norfolk Brawds hosted two public bouts in 2013, both gathering an audience of over 500. The same is expected again for this one.

Philthy Delphia, bouts co-ordinator for the team, said the event promised an afternoon of tough tumbling, hard hitting fun, suitable for the whole family. Alongside the skating, there will be vendor stalls and activities for children.

For the grown-ups there will be a fully-stocked bar, selling the Brawds’ very own local ale, Bonny’s Gold, brewed just for them by Golden Triangle Brewery.

Modern roller derby is an international, full contact, amateur sport. Games can involve very high point scores and leads can change very frequently, which makes it very exciting and unpredictable.

With its American origins, games are often colourful, noisy affairs, with entertaining announcers to explain what is going on, and skaters taking pride in their team identities and their individual personae with skater names often reflecting a more fierce side which comes out on the track. Amongst the Brawds’ skaters are Cruel Runnings, NoTorious, Dinah Mighty and Philthy Delphia.

The Brawds have grown rapidly from the small group of founders to over 80 members. Skaters range in age from 18 to 40+, reflecting the broad appeal of the sport. As seen from their name, the league has adopted a nautical theme, with fabulous sailor-style ‘boutfits’ and fantastic team branding to complement this. The boutfits are so appealing, the team have managed to secure a generous uniform sponsorship deal with Zaks restaurants.

The saucy sailors are always interested in meeting those keen to have a go at roller derby themselves and are currently recruiting for both the Brawds and their associated men’s league, the East Anglo SmackSons, as well as for referees and Non-Skating Officials.

About Heartland Series

The Heartland Series is Europe’s largest interleague Women’s Flat Track Roller Derby Tournament. Twenty four leagues from England and Wales will be divided into four regional divisions for double header bout days spanning the year, with a walloping two day playoff weekend in November to find who will be Heartland Champions for 2014!

The Heartland Series has evolved from the hugely popular 2012 End of the World Series. It was the first tournament of its kind in Europe, it was was re-branded as The Heartland Series in 2013 and featured an expanded line-up of 12 leagues, broadening the competitive structure across the country into 2 regional divisions. The 2013 tournament was won by Severn Roller Torrent.

2014 sees further expansion. 24 teams, 4 divisions, 1 winner!

*Norfolk Brawds next game is on Saturday, July 12, at UEA Sportspark. Doors open at 12pm, with the opening bout at 1.30pm. Tickets are £10 on the door or reduced in advance from www.ueaticketbookings.co.uk. Free parking and admission for children under 12.


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Notes to editor:

Modern roller derby is played by two teams of 14. Five members of each team are on the track at any given point. Game play consists of a series of short matchups or “jams,” in which both teams skate in the same direction, around an oval track with a player (the “jammer”) scoring points by lapping members of the opposing team. The teams attempt to assist their own jammer while hindering the opposing jammer.