Ref Clinic


Have you started reffing, but you’re not really sure you’re doing it properly? Or are you a seasoned Zebra who wants to refine their skills? Well, this one day course will have something for you.

This workshop is coached by Stickler Hudson and is designed for for new and established skating officials. 

The one day workshop will be in 3 parts. An off skates classroom based session, an on skates session focusing on the skating skills and positioning that a good ref needs, and lastly, the chance to ref our mega scrim and put all those new skills into action.

The clinic will focus on :

  • The role of being an official
  • establishing good skating techniques
  • how to ensure proper positioning.
  • how to best judge a penalty
  • how officials affect game play
  • how to adjudicate penalties
  • how to deal with official reviews
  • how to deal with challenging players and coaches
  • dealing with safety
  • The new 2017 rule set
  • how to play the zebra game.

The Ref clinic will take place on Sunday 28th May at UEA Sportspark in Norwich from 9am to 6pm.

Because of the on skates portion of this workshop we ask that all attendees have passed at least WFTDA minimum skater skills.


COACH: Stickler Hudson

“Stickler” Hudson started his roller derby career in 2011. A former skating official for Steel City roller Derby, as well as an independent WFTDA ref for many teams throughout Pennsylvania and Ohio, he was an original founding member of the Pittsburgh Derby Brats (junior derby) and Pittsburgh Men’s Roller Derby league. He is now a skating official for NRD.

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