Season Tickets and the 2016 Home Season

Today, as our season draws to a close with this Saturdays Intraleague Christmas Cup, we’re already starting to look forward to next season!


We’ve had a great season this year, seen our A team promoted to Tier 3 of the British Championships and our Womens B Team and Mens Team become ready to start playing, as well as introducing our new Co-Ed team, so next season is going to be a really exciting one!

Next year we have a huge 8 games at home, and for the first time we’re able to sell Season tickets so our biggest fans can get a discount off their entry price, plus some additional benefits!

You can buy season tickets through the UEA website, or at our merch stall at games, and there’s still time now to get one for Christmas!

These are the packages available!

The Super Fan Season Ticket £30

This ticket gets you access to all 8 home games, plus a t-shirt and sticker that you can collect from our merch stand. Your T-Shirt will also get you 10% off your meal if you wear it to our Sponsors Zaks American Diners.

The Sports Fan Season Ticket £20

All our competitive games this year will be at UEA Sports Park, and this ticket will get you access to all 4 of those games, plus a snap back cap you can collect from our merch stall.

The Epic Party Package Season Ticket £15

Epic Studios is where we host some of our more fun and less serious games, and also where afterwards we host our legendary after parties. This ticket will get you access to all 4 of those games, and the after parties.


In case you were wondering, here’s how our season is shaping up next year!

March 26: Epic
We’re starting the year with a fun one as we play a game of Intraleague Co-ed Sur5al. Teams of 5 made up of skaters from Norfolk Roller Derby will fight it out in 2 minute jams to see who is Top Dog

April 16: UEA
The seasons first competitive game will be a double header, where our Co-Ed team Mustard City Rollers and our B team the Black Shucks will both face competitors.

May 7: Epic
Once our skaters pass their Minimum Skills, they need to get out and start playing. These games are often called Cherry Poppers, and they’re the first time people have played in front of an audience. They’re fun events for skaters and for the audience, and in May we’ll be hosting 2 Cherry Poppers, one for Women skaters, and one for Men.

Jun 25: UEA
This our home hosted game of the British Championships and will see our A Team the Norfolk Brawds playing in a Tier 3 Double Header

Aug 20: UEA
Back at UEA it’s time for the Black Shucks and the East Anglo Smacksons to host a double header.

Sept 17: UEA
Our last competitive home game of the season will be another double header, this time the East Anglo Smacksons and the Norfolk Brawds will be playing.

Oct 29: Epic
At the end of October we’re planning a Co-Ed Mustard City Rollers Double Header, and a Halloween Party afterwards.

Dec 17: Epic
As is now traditional, 2016 will end with our Intraleague Christmas Cup double header and Christmas Party.

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