The All New Norfolk Roller Derby

Way back in 2010 a group of women got together and started to learn to play a little known sport called Roller Derby. They called themselves The Norfolk Brawds.

In the past 6 years both the sport of Roller Derby and The Norfolk Brawds have transformed and grown. With 2 Womens teams, a Men’s team, a Co-Ed team, 2 Intraleague teams and a growing Rec League The Norfolk Brawds just didn’t represent who we were anymore.

So, in 2016, it’s time to meet the all new Norfolk Roller Derby!

IMG_4230 (1)

The new name is more inclusive to all our teams and represents who we are as a league. As well as a fresh new look and logo for the league, all our teams have now had a bit of a make over too courtesy of Skippy the Angeroo.

Our Women’s A team is now The Norfolk Brawds, and our B team are The Black Shucks.

Our Men’s Team the East Anglo Smacksons has a new look logo, and our Co-Ed team The Mustard City Rollers will be back this season to play competitively.

We also have our Intraleague teams the Yare Yare Yares and the Ouse Your Daddies with logos by Teki Bomb and our Rec League Ship Rec’d

Our 2016 Home Season starts with an Intraleague Sur5al on 26th March, and season tickets are available that will give you huge discounts on our entry price and other benefits.

Check out our season here and Norfolk Roller Derby hope to see you on the benches this season!

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