We did it! Playoffs, here we come!

Norfolk Roller Derby’s A Team, the Norfolk Brawds, faught like warriors in their final Champs game of the season against Surrey Roller Girls and brought home an incredible win of 473 – 65.

This means they have placed 2nd in British Champs Womens Tier 3 East and have secured their place at this year’s playoffs, which take place in Stoke-on-Trent on 15th-16th September. 

The Brawds will be training hard to prepare for playoffs over the next few weeks, and we can’t wait to watch them leave it all on the track this September. 

Go Brawds!!

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Norfolk brawds place 2nd in this year's Champs tournament

Norfolk Brawds place 2nd in British Champs Womens Tier 3 East

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